Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Mike Chihuly’s story of his life is captivating—I found his book difficult to set down once I started reading it. He and his wife Shirley have lived the Alaska dream and I’m glad they have chosen to tell about it. Alaska has many incredible people like the Chihulys who have made our State home, but I’m particularly grateful for their investment in the community I’m particularly fond of—my hometown of Ninilchik. A special benefit from reading Alaska Fish and Fire is that I know many of the people in the book and learned that Shirley may be one of my distant cousins from Afognak. Very special! Pick his book up and share Mike’s emotions, whether managing fish resources, meeting challenging expectations of his charter fishing clients, fighting fires, or saving lives as a first responder. You won’t be disappointed.

Loren Leman

Alaska Legislator & Lieutenant Governor


Ninilchik High School Class of 1968