Wednesday, June 23, 2021

To read Mike Chihuly's new book, "Alaska Fish and Fire," is to glimpse a life lived and fueled by the power of Alaska's majestic natural beauty, its abundant wildlife and its challenging landscapes. Each page brings a deepening awareness of what it means to purposefully set one's clock by the seasons of these northern latitudes, to raise a family that understands the fullness that comes with a life lived in harmony with one's surroundings and the joy of being counted among others of like mind. From his childhood to his college years, from his experience as a biologist to life as a Cook Inlet fishing guide and village fire chief, Chihuly makes it clear that such a life is neither to be taken lightly nor for granted, but is to be valued and safeguarded for others to enjoy.

–McKibben Jackinsky, journalist and author of "Too Close to Home? Living with 'drill, baby' on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula"