Friday, October 22, 2021


Review - Dr. Harris Shelton

Mike Chihuly is a remarkable man.  He is family first in all he attempts, and all he attempts is well done.  Reading this account, one must be appreciative of his multiple talents.  

I recommend “Alaska Fish and Fire” as a worthwhile treatise on fishing in Alaska, fighting fires, and being a valuable member of the community.  This book is a compelling “Must Read”!! 

Dr. Harris Shelton,

Vice-Chancellor Emeritus, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Review - Loren Flagg

Many of the Alaska based stories in Mike Chihuly’s new book are about hunting, fishing, and firefighting. But you don’t have to be a hunter, fisher, or fireman/EMT to thoroughly enjoy these well-crafted stories. There is an engaging true to life human factor that permeates throughout the book—page after page, chapter after chapter—that entices the reader to continue on. My wife Sandra especially enjoyed the EMT/Medical episodes that are skillfully related in the book. To learn what a very real adventurous and well lived Alaskan life is like pick up a copy of “Alaska Fish and Fire” and enjoy the read. I would bet that you would then want to recommend this wonderful book to a friend. Thanks Mike for sharing these many exciting adventures with us!

Loren Flagg, ADF&G Biologist, Kenai fishing guide, and author.

Review - McKibben Jackinsky

To read Mike Chihuly's new book, "Alaska Fish and Fire," is to glimpse a life lived and fueled by the power of Alaska's majestic natural beauty, its abundant wildlife and its challenging landscapes. Each page brings a deepening awareness of what it means to purposefully set one's clock by the seasons of these northern latitudes, to raise a family that understands the fullness that comes with a life lived in harmony with one's surroundings and the joy of being counted among others of like mind. From his childhood to his college years, from his experience as a biologist to life as a Cook Inlet fishing guide and village fire chief, Chihuly makes it clear that such a life is neither to be taken lightly nor for granted, but is to be valued and safeguarded for others to enjoy.

–McKibben Jackinsky, journalist and author of "Too Close to Home? Living with 'drill, baby' on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula"

Review - Loren Leman

Mike Chihuly’s story of his life is captivating—I found his book difficult to set down once I started reading it. He and his wife Shirley have lived the Alaska dream and I’m glad they have chosen to tell about it. Alaska has many incredible people like the Chihulys who have made our State home, but I’m particularly grateful for their investment in the community I’m particularly fond of—my hometown of Ninilchik. A special benefit from reading Alaska Fish and Fire is that I know many of the people in the book and learned that Shirley may be one of my distant cousins from Afognak. Very special! Pick his book up and share Mike’s emotions, whether managing fish resources, meeting challenging expectations of his charter fishing clients, fighting fires, or saving lives as a first responder. You won’t be disappointed.

Loren Leman

Alaska Legislator & Lieutenant Governor


Ninilchik High School Class of 1968

Review - Brent Johnson

Here is a book of authentic adventures in pursuit of Alaskan fish and game. Mike Chihuly is in love with the elements, the animals and the people he has encountered in a lifetime of hunting and fishing. He's also very sensitive about conservation. This memoir goes beyond animals and reveals relationships about Mike's parents, especially his father; wife, Shirley; and the people he encountered through fire and ambulance responses. Mike offers himself in an honest light, with flaws and a tender heart, which is the very reason his book is remarkable.

Brent Johnson has served as chairman of the Kenai-Soldotna Fish & Game Advisory Committee, president of Kenai Peninsula Fishermen's Association, on the Borough Planning Commissioner, on the Borough Assembly, as president of Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association, as president of Kasilof Regional Historical Association, as well as president of the Kenai Peninsula Historical Association. He worked many years for his dad and brother surveying land in the Kenai Peninsula and has been a Cook Inlet setnetter for over 50 years. Brent has written two books and collaborated in the publication of Snapshots at Statehood: A Focus on Communities that Became the Kenai Peninsula Borough.