Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Duck and Goose Hunt in Kachemak Bay

Kach28[2] I just got back from a duck and goose hunt in Kachemak Bay near Homer, Alaska with my brother Mark and son John. We had a great trip.  The weather was calm and warm to start, but by the last day, the temps were in the 20s F and the wind came up to 25 knots with a small craft advisory for Kachemak Bay. We got home Sunday night just in the nick of time!

Kach22[2]The weather went to hell in a hand basket and we had snow in Ninilchik and the surrounding areas Sunday night with high winds. We stayed on my brother’s boat, the Glacier Bear, while anchored up in the river mouth.  The tides were some of the highest of the year which made anchoring the boat a little scary.  When the tide comes in and swings the boat around 180 degrees in a matter of seconds due to the high tidal velocities (bore tide), it gets your attention.  We had to pull anchor watch during the tide shift at night in the moonlight. The cattlemen with grazing cattle had to move their herd up to higher ground due to the large tides.

Kach23[2]We shot some pretty fat ducks with a few greenheads mixed in.  The firing pin on my shotgun broke early in the trip, so I stayed with the boat a lot and took more pictures than normal.  Probably a good thing.  Well, winter seems to be here so it is time to put up the boats, can the last of the salmon, and settle in for the winter.  Ice fishing is not too far off.


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